Saturday, May 1, 2010

Forensic Linguistics in Pakistan

Forensic Linguistics is the sub field of Linguistics which is used to identify criminals, gangsters and solve legal cases as well. In foreign countries it considers as a vital part of investigation. Linguists are serving in this field as a phonetician, stylistician, and discourse analyst and so on. That’s why the legal institution is very much responsible and efficient, that the crime rate of that countries is very low.

Now, if we look at Pakistan’s condition, why crime is getting its root deeper and deeper in Pakistan? Gangsters, underworld etc. because Pakistan has not a fully fledge system of investigation.

I personally think that forensic linguistics should be in Pakistan with its full sense. At this time, not even a single university offering forensic linguistics as a subject or its specialization. If it would be in Pakistani Universities it can help students or professionals in near future. It also would help our legal field specially for finding criminals out (which is very unusual in our country).

A forensic Linguist can be:

Phonetician, Stylisitican, discourse analyst, semanticist etc. These things are also very much important in our legal way of investigation rather “3rd degree”.

So in my point of view it would be a dual process like the competence of students would be improved as well as it would help our country to sustain the anti-criminal cell. May be a little hard effort in this field can serve a lot.

Ahh! But our bad luck is this that we do not have a single subject on it. Students like me who love forensic field in any discipline would be very happy… InshahAllah I will try my level best to introduce forensic linguistic in Pakistan as a subject. Because I know that efforts & struggles make dreams come true. This field would serve a lot at national level & may be Criminals get civilized 

Anyway, my dream is to be a forensic linguist inshahAllah.

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Muse World said...

Hi..just read your post. I want to go for linguistics too and I've been searching career opportunities in it. I came across forensic linguistics and I discovered that it's one of the highly paid professions in the US. So I was wondering if you found any such opportunities to purse it as your major in Pakistan? Please write back! I'll be glad to hear you!

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