Friday, April 6, 2012

Langue/Parole Versus Competence/Performance

These slides cover basic Saussurian dichotomies i.e. Syntagmatic Vs. Paradigmatic Axis (Chain Choice Axis), Synchonic Vs. Diachronic and Langue Vs. Parole. The main part is the comparison of Langue Parole and Chomsky's idea of Competence Performance.


These slides provide a very brief overview of Pragmatics and its concepts including Invisible Meaning, Inference, Context and Co-text, Presupposition, Reference, Anaphora, Speech Acts, Face, Politeness etc.

RP Versus Pakistani English

RP is the standard accent of British English which is endorsed all over the world in teaching and learning of British English. English is being used in Pakistan since its birth and the way pronunciation of English significantly differs from RP due to influence of Urdu, Punjabi and other local languages. Following slides briefly cover the aspects pronunciation which make the two accents different. The same can be true for Indian English and RP as most of these points are common between Indian and Pakistani English.