Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sword of Truth AND Wheel of Time

I am not clear, whether it was the action of reading WoT first, or the reading of SoT. Now I am in a hollow and a fix kind of situation, drifting here and there. I want to read something, but I cannot because SoT is strikingly similar with WoT. The basic plot has lots of commonalities and I cannot help the feeling that Terry Goodkind has copied something from Robert Jordan. The story drifts apart from WoT’s world ending scenario, but the core remains strikingly same. And after reading reviews about the the similarities, I cannot help myself to read it. But my fantasy loving nature is urging me to do something (actually to listen something). Its just like some heroinchi feels bone crushing need of a cigarette when he can bear no more. Same is with me, I am in a need to read something but don’t know what to read. I’ve tried to read Brother’s Karamazov once again (actually copied in my mobile) but couldn’t develop interest just after a few minutes. What a Shame!

Well, I’ll find something to read, perhaps SoT once again, but let us see a few basic similarities between SoT and WoT. The main purpose of this barely post was to add to the clutter already floating online showing the open secret to the already knowing world. Winking smile


Keeper Dark One
Creator Creator, Light
The Gift One Power
Male Haan Sidiene
Femal Haan Sidar
Great War Breaking
3000 Years Passed since Great War 3000 Years Passed since Breaking
Palace of Profits White Tower
Sisters of Light Eye Sedai
Sisters of Dark Black Sisters
Prelate Amyrlin Seat
Richard Rand
Baka Ban Mana, Daharans Aiel
The Imperial Order Seanchan
Sword of Truth Callandor