Friday, March 30, 2012

L2 or Second Language Acquisition/ Learning

The teaching and learning of L2, the use of research from L1 acquisition domain to make the process of learning more 'natural' and 'easy' is one of the richest areas of applied linguistics. Specially ELT and other language teaching branches of applied linguistics are one of the most publishing areas in linguistics. How to convert L2 learning to acquisition, what are the acquisition barriers, affective factors, the approaches which prefer learning vs the approaches which try to create natural conditions to convert language learning to language acquisition: all these points are very briefly discussed in these slides which are based on a chapter from The Study of Language by George Yule.

L1 or First Language Acquisition

L1 or First Language Acquisition is one of the most researched areas of psycholinguistics. For last forty or so years, researchers have tried to find out how child learns a language, what are the stages in L1 acquisition,  what factor affect child's learning. These slides cover a chapter from The Study of Language by George Yule on L1 Acquisition.