Friday, March 8, 2019

Surprise meal

Every week I divide myself in roughly two halfs and we have this conversation:
I: So what are we eating tonight?
I too: I don't know.
I: What do you mean by you don't know? You cooked it!
I too: I know I cooked it. But that was last week.
I: So you know?!
I too: I don't remember, that was LAST WEEK.
I: Ohh k, that's understandable.
I too: Yes, it is. So, what are we eating then?
I: I can't say anything before I see. Let's open the freezer and find out.
I too: It is a surprise meal by our past self to us. Isn't it?
I: Well, it certainly is. But that happens every week. Isn't it?
I too: I don't remember, because it was last week.
And then we merge back together to eat this week's surprise dish prepared by my one week younger self.
PS: today's surprise was chicken and some vegetables.