Sunday, November 30, 2014

How to use Punctuation

These slides are prepared with the help of "The Penguin Guide to Punctuation". They cover following basic topics related to punctuation use in English:
  • Period
  • Question Mark
  • Exclamation Mark
  • Comma
  • Colon
  • Semi Colon
  • Abbreviations
  • Capital Letters
  • Quotation Marks

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Paraphrase/ Summarize

Following topics are covered in these slides:
  • What is paraphrasing
  • How to paraphrase
  • What is summary
  • Steps to write a summary
  • Connotative and Denotative Meaning
Reference: Academic writing: A handbook for international students By Bailey S. 2011

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Write a Paragraph/ Essay

These slides were prepared as a lecture for MA English Literature (Distance Learning), Govt. College University, Faisalabad. The topics included are as follows:
  • The process of writing
  • Pre-writing (Mapping, Listing, Free writing)
  • Paragraph and its structure (Topic sentence, concluding sentence, supporting details, examples and explanation)
  • Types of paragraph: compare and contrast, opinion (argumentative), narrative, descriptive, problem solution
  • Essay and its structure (Thesis statement, introduction, conclusion, body paragraphs)
  • Types of essay: narrative, descriptive, argumentative, comparison contrast, problem solution.
Following books were mainly consulted though some internet sources were also tapped.

  • Academic writing: A handbook for international students By Bailey S. 2011
  • College writing from paragraph to essay  By Dorothy E. Zemach, Lisa A. Rumisek
  • Real Writing with Readings Paragraphs and Essays for College, Work and Everyday Life By Susan Anker