Friday, August 19, 2011

A Layman's Reaction on HP Killing WebOS

The news is pretty much old that HP is going to kill WebOS based devices. They acquired WebOS from Palm sometime ago and put a considerable effort behind the OS. There were a few devices like TouchPad out there and users were going to consider these devices. But now they are going to cut off any development in this regard, infact they want to focus on software business. If HP is going to leave hardware business, it means that perhaps in future we will not be able to get good laptops from HP, printers and other devices made by HP etc. I am a bit concerned about it. I like HP and its products and considered them reliable. Recently I've bought an HP Probook 4530s. I prefer to use printers made by HP. This is a bit shocking for me that the company is leaving the market. Its true that it would take a long time to gather the scattered business, and the wrap up the things. But it seems that I am not gonna like it. It seems to me that my laptop is alone in the universe, only one of its kind. Or perhaps it won't have any "children" as there would be no new models of laptop PCs. Well, these were thoughts of a crazy mind thinking wildly in the closing hours of fasting :-D. It might be the case that they are going to continue their laptop business and only wrapping up WebOS kind of stuff. This post is just a reaction written after watching so many news headings crying about HP Kills WebOS etc.

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