Friday, September 16, 2011

Killer Topics for Blogging

Bloggers are writers, but unlike traditional writers they are not supposed to be writing only when they have “mode”. If you are in the market, if you want to survive and if you want your readers to continue coming on your blog, you’ve to keep on pushing yourself. Blog posts get old in hours so you have to build new. Posts are read and forgotten, and then they demand more. Same as today people eat, and then demand more to eat. So the experts create “stimuli” for the land to produce quickly and efficiently i.e. fertilizers, they create medicine for cattle and chicken to “produce” faster whether it is milk or eggs or meat. So bloggers are like a commercially breaded commodity, they are supposed to produce, and keep on producing. This process of pushing themselves hard, writing more frequently even if one has no desire to write, extracting every bit of creativeness from the mind creates a hollow effect in the mind. Blogger does not spend much time in writing as much he spends on thinking what to write. The problem is not to create a post, problem is to create a topic around which the post will be woven. Don’t worry, I am with you in this barren land of blogging. When it is “blossom” or “spring” on me, I keep on writing, the topics keep on popping up in my mind and I keep on flowing on the fertile waters of this season. But the “spring” is not always like this. There are times, as there are times for Pakistan now rains are killing then drought will be killing, so there are times when “spring” ends, the springs of water become dry, rains stop pouring down, the sky is hot and bitter, and mind is barren. At these times a blogger feels helpless, or let me admit, I feel helpless, lonely, empty handed, drifting in a void, having a hollowness within me and visiting my blog’s admin page time and again, clicking on New Post button, sometimes opening it writing a few words and closing the opened tab, other times closing the browser just after clicking on new post, shutting down or putting away the PC, looking for a refuge from this emptiness, to seek something, anything to write about. Well, these are hard times for a blogger or perhaps a writer, he wants to write but he does not know what to write. So folks after this long, sad preface which most probably was not able to make a similar effect around you Winking smile, I would like to share a few ideas to write blogs posts on.

  • Surf the waves. Write on the HOT TOPICS. Write about what people are crazy about this time. Write on an update, a new OS, a new gadget, a new phenomenon, a new website, a new service. But make sure its hot for a wide variety of people, its not that you are having a hot thing behind your house and you start writing about it. Open-mouthed smile
  • Review a new gadget, OS, Linux Distribution, Smart Phone, Mobile Application or a Programming Language.
  • Write about a problem you encountered, and managed to solve.
  • Write your reactions what you see around you.
  • Write about your life experiences, reflections, professional life and about your city, province, country.
  • Read, read and lots of read then react and analyse what you have read.
  • And if you can’t do it, go to Google and search killer topics for blogging Winking smile

So if you were hoping for a magic, this isn’t anything like that, there is no shortcut to success. It’s a long way full of hardness, one has to suffer for a good creation same as a mother suffers for her baby. Posts are like children, and children are not purchased ready made, they are part of your soul, parted from you not so easily. If you do not write this way, then you are not a true writer, hence not an original blogger. Enjoy Blogging!


Techhapp said...

nice man this shit happens with me everyday

Muhammad Shakir Aziz said...

Noumaan these are thoughts of a layman blogger who is not a technical giant, and want to write something. You might find topics from adwords but this is not true for every blogger, someone writing on social, local or field restricted highly technical topics might not find it very useful. General public seek for technology news on internet not linguistics, faisalabad etc.

Mustu said...

I do/learn plenty of mixed tech stuff everyday that I couldn't decide what to write about :|

Muhammad Shakir Aziz said...

Mustu: What I've learnt from my limited experience, choosing a few topics which you like, and keep on reading about them can help. It creates an urge to get more knowledge and makes you critical about the issues in that particular topic. So you can write insightful posts having your opinion.

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