Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've been in touch with Star Trek series for a couple of years now. Reading Global Science, the relativity theory, time and light speed are not unfamiliar topics for me. And while reading fiction is the most favourite thing for me as a hobby, I specially liked the notion of science fiction. After release of Star Trek 2009, I developed a great interest in these movies and tv series. In 2010 I had seen all 6 episodes of Star Trek TV Series. But that was not satisfactory for me, I wanted more. Now in mid 2011 I found Start Trek Next Generation Series. And I am spending my weekends watching this series.
It is great to see how advance we can become in next centuries, our next generations would get benefit out of it. But the assumptions on which these science fictions are created raise lots of questions.
The characters of STTNG think the notion of God as something primitive, would we leave the religions behind at such a peak of progress? Personally my belief gets stronger every time when I think about how vast the Universe is, with how much care it is created and being maintained. There is certainly someone behind it.
If someone is behind it, does this mean he is beyond space and time? He should be, otherwise how he can manage such a grand creation. The questions of space and time make me puzzled and confused. I am unable to determine what would happen to us when we'll pass the barrier of light speed. Would it truly be the beginning of an era? Would we ever be able to get light speed even? If yes what would happen to the system of communication which is based on light speed radio waves. How such ships would be able to communicate with each other?
All these things are presented in STTNG in a very simple way, but things are not so simple as the writers assume at the time of writing. There are lots of questions, lots of queries, looks like my grand sons and great grand sons might be able to get the answers of these questions, when they'll encounter such realities. For me currently, this current world is self sufficient in a hell of problems which can engage us for next several centuries, if we could make through these centuries.

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