Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Laptop, New Profession and New Academic Year

After struggling for more than a year finally I've got a new laptop for my personal and professional use. The HP ProBook 4530s Core i5 is just what I wanted. The 500 GB Hard Disk, 1 GB Redeon graphics card and Windows 7 64bit makes it a sexy choice. Although I am a bit disappointed with quite low native resolution of the LED screen but it would for me. And screen shots will be uploaded some other day ;-).
I am leaving school finally and they'll be notified about my departure in next 3 months. Now I want to focus on online jobs. I am working as a Community Manger for Netlog's Urdu version. I am working as a translator as well, and now I'll concentrate on English blogging as well. The things are going to be online from now on.
This year has become another transition year for me. After 1 year of absence and working as a mule for money, I am going to resume my studies in M Phil. And I am hoping to perform same way as I was doing in MSc Applied Linguistics. And I am concentrating to get some research papers published. This last thing is a bit tricky because I had to complete this task last month but as I had no mode, I couldn't complete it.
So this was on my mind. :-)

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