Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sho Sweet Ooo Google Goochi Gooochi Goooo

I don't know whether my parents had a similar joy when I had first step of my life. ;-)
But I really love this moment. As if there is an unexpected rain in a desert, or a cool breeze in mid June. I wasn't expecting this, so soon.
I can't express how happy I am :-D. Perhaps someone just clicked, as a buck up :-/. But I like it, really like it.
What do you think how does it feels when you start yielding something from your Adsense?


Achilles Khalil said...

i have approved adsense and adwords coupon. contact me. bro

Achilles Khalil said...

any one need adsense or adwors. u can also sell.

Muhammad Shakir Aziz said...

@facebook-511936512:disqus  Thanks for the offer. I would rather continue with my current setup. A step by step approach suits me.

Munir Abbasi said...

Good Start!!

Remeber, slow and steady wins the race.

Omer Bangash said...

Its always exciting for every publisher, for sure... it took over a year for me to get my first payment of $105. Its gliding now... I made $121 alone in month of August 2011. ;)
When'll you start writing about linguistics btw?

Muhammad Shakir Aziz said...

I am hoping the same Omer. And for linguistics, my posts have a link with linguistics like 3 posts regarding career guidance, they were written for GCUF linguistics graduates. I'll write on 'pure' linguistics topics now and then, but cannot confine myself to linguistics alone. I've a hell lot of topics in my mind. I cannot start a separate blog for each topic e.g. society, or my city faisalabad or technology. So I'll mix up everything in this blog. ;-D

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