Saturday, September 3, 2011

Problems of Culture in Translation

Translation is a major subject in Linguistics. The study of problems faced by a translator while translating from one language to other is a major area in translation studies. In this presentation the problem of culture specific items during translation was discussed.

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Billy78 said...

Successful cross-cultural transfer is
essential for a good translation, particularly in advertising. In the 1960s,
for instance, Swedish Electrolux vacuum cleaners were successfully marketed in
the UK with the slogan: ‘Nothing sucks like an Electrolux’. When the company
used this in the American market years later, hoping the audience would find
the double-meaning of the line amusing, one can imagine that it didn’t come
across in quite the same way as in the UK; humour is not just a language thing.
Translation companies work with linguists who are familiar with both the
culture of the target and the source language.

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